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Attending the Soul: Depth Psychotherapy

Jim Moyers, MA, MFT

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I am a psychotherapist in Berkeley where I work with adult individuals and couples seeking help for a broad range of issues ranging from problems of everyday life to the deeply profound.  I have done a lot of work with depression and anxiety, abuse survivors, intimate relationships and sexuality, gender identity and sexual orientation, difficulties in finding direction and purpose, as well as issues of creativity and spirituality.  Having grown up in a conservative religious community, I have a particular interest in working with people who have been involved with fundamentalist churches and other high demand groups.  Follow the links below to find out more about these and my other professional interests.

The Greek word, psyche, translates as "breath, life, or soul" in English. "Therapy" is derived from therapeia, the attendant who served both the gods and humanity in the temples of ancient Greece.   “Psychotherapy” can thus be described as the sacred work of attending the soul, carefully nurturing the most essential aspects of who and what one is, connecting the personal self to a deeper source, however one might choose to understand it, of meaning and wholeness.  In helping people explore the issues that bring them into therapy, the idea that psyche, or soul, naturally seeks meaning, integration and wholeness is at the heart of my work as a psychotherapist, an "attendant of the soul."

I found my way into this field through my discovery of the writings of the great Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung.  Psychotherapy in the Jungian tradition is a means for reconnecting with something deep within that gives life purpose and meaning.  Rather than trying to shape you to fit some preconceived notion of what you should be, depth psychotherapy honors the uniqueness of your experience of self and the world, going beyond mere symptom relief to the discovery of meaning in the problems for which you seek help.  The goal isn’t to reduce your experience to a set of symptoms with a prescribed solution but to expand the sense of who you are to find a deeper, more satisfying life that is truly yours.  

While I don’t approach therapy as a sort of archaeological excavation of the past in hopes of finding the key to everything (which would be nice if possible!), I am very much interested in how past experience shapes what happens here and now.  I make suggestions from time to time, ask questions, and share my thoughts as we go along.  But more than anything else I very carefully listen to the unique story you have to tell.  Always my primary goal is to help you discover meaning in your unique journey through life while supporting you in broadening the range of choices available to you.  My job is not to be the expert on your life but rather to help you discover and connect with your own inner wisdom and expertise.  While I cannot promise definitive answers to the questions that you bring to therapy, I can help you explore the possibilities that lie within.  It is an honor and a privilege to be asked to attend someone for a little part of the journey through life.  It is a work like no other.


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Contact me: jim@jimmoyers.com

Please be aware that the confidentiality of email cannot be assured

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Please Note:  As I will be retiring in the near future I am not accepting new clients.  I will continue working with current clients via phone & video up to the time when I retire.