I am a retired psychotherapist who for many years practiced in the East San Francisco Bay Area.  From the  beginnings of my professional career I have been heavily influenced by the ideas of Carl Jung.  According to Jung modern culture has lost contact with the psyche along with traditional means of honoring it through myth, ritual, and spiritual practice. But, reluctant as we may be to acknowledge it, our secular society continues to suffer affections of the soul.  As Jung put it, the gods who shaped the lives of the ancients have become the dis-eases that afflict us. For Jung and those who follow in his footsteps, psychotherapy and spirituality are intimately connected.

  The Greek word, psyche, translates as "breath, life, or soul" in English. "Therapy" is derived from therapeia, the attendant who served both gods and humanity in the temples of ancient Greece.   “Psychotherapy” can thus be described as the sacred work of attending the soul, carefully nurturing the most essential aspects of who and what one is. The idea that the psyche has its own regulatory system pushing towards wholeness and integration has been at the heart of my work as a psychotherapist, an "attendant of the soul" throughout the many years of my practice.  

  While I have closed my practice I continue to have a strong interest in Jungian ideas and spirituality.  I am particularly interested in the experience of former members of fundamentalist and cultic type groups.  Here are some things I have written over the years that I hope may be helpful to those seeking healing and wholeness.


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